HF Award


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The Highway Amateur Radio Club offers an award in the form of a decorative certificate to both licenced amateurs and short-wave listeners who fulfil the criteria detailed below.

An operator/listener must have worked or heard 23 individual ZS stations on HF whose last letter of the suffix of the callsign make up the words HIGHWAY AMATEUR RADIO CLUB (i.e. 4 stations whose callsign ends with an A, 1 station whose suffix ends with a B, 1 callsign ending with a C, 1 station ending with a D, 1 with an E, 1 ending with a G, 2 suffixes end with an H, 2 with an I, 1 with an L, 1 with an M, 1 suffix ending with an O, 2 with an R, 1 with a T, 2 with a U, 1 with a W and finally the last letter of a suffix ending with a Y.)

In order to claim this award:-

  • Only contacts from 1 July 1996 onward will be accepted.
  • Contacts can be using any mode and on any HF band.
  • No QSL card confirmations required but the log must be certified by 2 other radio amateurs from your club.
  • Radio Amateurs and SWL’s world-wide may apply (includes South Africa)

Applicants for the award should Contact HARC for more details on required submission