VHF Repeaters

The club normally operates 2 VHF repeaters:

  • 145.625 MHz (Rptr Tx) & 145.025 MHz (Rptr Rx) is located at Kloof, near Pinetown and operates with a dual squelch system. If a 88.5Hz CTCSS tone is present on the Rx carrier, the repeater sensitivity is greatly improved over when no CTCSS is present. This was done to reduce the level of interference experienced on an unguarded repeater.¬†
  • 145.600 MHz (Rptr Tx) & 145.000 MHz (Rptr Rx) is located at Alverstone, between Durban and Pietermaritzburg), and requires an 88.5Hz CTCSS tone to access it. It is linked to the MARC Repeater network. CURRENTLY OFF AIR DUE TO DAMAGED SUSTAINED DURING A BUSH FIRE. PLANS TO REINSTATE IT ARE UNDER WAY.

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