UHF Repeaters

The Natal UHF Repeater Network came about from a dream by Bradley Glen, ZS5BG, to have a province wide network of linked UHF repeaters, Bradley’s dream was to be able to provide handheld UHF communications throughout the NATURN coverage area.

Due to the fact that numerous operators use ex-commercial (channelised) radios, a set of 10 standard repeater channels was decided on and the repeaters are now regularly referred to by their channel numbers from this allocation.

It currently consists of a hub linking repeater, situated at Kloof (between Durban and Pietermaritzburg), and local area repeaters around Durban. There are still plans to expand the system further in the Durban area and to outlying areas as time and equipment becomes available.

There are currently 2 operational UHF repeaters in the greater Durban area:

  • 439.025MHz Rx with -7.6MHz tx offset (NATURN Ch3) – located on Ridge Road in Durban
  • 439.325MHZ Rx with -7.6MHz tx offset¬†with 88.5Hz CTCSS (NATURN Ch3)- located at Alvertsone midway to Pietermaritzburg (NATURN Ch7). This repeater is linked to Pmb 145.750MHz VHF repeater

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